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Top Jobs In China For Foreigners

Top Jobs In China For Foreigners

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China is one of the countries hosting a big number of foreign employees. Not only is the experience of working in China is amazing but also a character building opportunity. Besides accomplishing your daily duties, you get a chance to travel, exposure to a new culture, Learning a new language and working in a booming economical environment.

Currently, jobs in China for foreigners are at the peak with numerous firms targeting new skills from the international level. However, competition here has become stiff of late. Thousands of foreign apply for the available job vacancies on the country to make the selection and vetting procedures tougher. With the current trend of a growing economy, jobs in China for foreigners will be on the increase. Below are the top jobs in China for foreigners:

Engineering jobs in China for foreigners

Though China is well known for producing some of the most qualified engineers, engineering jobs are still available for a foreigner. The country has a growing demand for engineers right from all corners of the globe.

Some of the newly established sectors are prompting demand for foreign skills. Most of the learning institutions, colleges, universities, and companies are facing a hard time in teaching and training enginers from China in the new fields. Most of these fields demand a lot of skills which makes an outsourcing option the only solution.

Chinese-infrastructure ventures have something of a blended reputation, so talented remote architects are popular. For the reason all nonnatives are profoundly appreciated here: they offer services and organizations a demeanor of distinction. All the more particularly, in any case, they, by and large, have a larger amount of hands-on involvement with globe-spreading over undertakings.

IT Jobs

With the numerous organizations venturing in IT, China IT jobs have been on high demand with the country not able to satisfy the job market. Usually, the technological developments in this region are always on the rise with many innovations being made from China.

Getting a job in IT would serve you well in China. Most of the firms are known to pay well. The package for IT specialists come in a very interesting package. Chinese hacker

Though the Chinese internet is far different from that of the global, this tech hub continues to attract great IT minds from the world. Basically, the foreign employees will bring in their experience in the world internet which will help most of the Chinese firms to develop an international presence. For instance, Alibaba (also called the Chinese Yahoo/Amazon/eBay), has in the past few years employed a huge team of foreign web design, IT, and marketing professional to improve its global presence.

Research study participant

Many schools of social and behavioral sciences seek to understand better how people make decisions. If you live near universities or research facilities, chances are, you can find an endless stream of paying studies. The studies typically involve working with computers, with other people, answering a series of questions, or taking computerized tests. The studies are usually 1-2 hours, and you get paid at the conclusion of the study.

You will usually find out in advance the nature of the study, and are free to cease participation if you are uncomfortable at any time. The majority of studies out there do not involve medical tests or anything related to your body.

Sports Photographer

This is a great job if you love taking photographs. Sports photographers take pictures of school age children or adults on sports teams on behalf of the organization at the start or conclusion of a season. You get paid to be trained to use camera equipment and could be taking photos of soccer, basketball, swim teams and more.

Sales Jobs

From the down of humanity, one of the careers that have been passed from one generation to another is the idea of doing business. However, for any business venture to succeed, proper selling and marketing strategies must be adopted. In China, given the many firms established in the country, for one to stand out from the crowd, proper marketing has to be instilled.

These firms are in search for foreigners who will induce a change in the marketing world. As a result, the demand for sales agents is exponentially increasing. Foreign individuals will have knowledge in marketing and sales jobs should consider applying for a sales job in China. Not only will such an opportunity allow you to enjoy traveling and adventure but also expose you to a new way of doing business.

Some of the areas given emphasis are the real estate, finance, banking and management skills. However, success in selling in China will demand knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture.

Teaching Jobs in China for Foreigners

A teacher with vast knowledge of the English language should embrace this opportunity. Teaching in China is one of the most demanded opportunities. The basic requirements for you to have what it takes to teach would be a degree from a recognized university in the world.

Some of the promising employers for teachers in China re international schools, universities, colleges, transcription centers and NGOs. All these institutions recognize and appreciate teaching jobs hence; you should expect a hefty payment.

High-Level Management Jobs

With many firms, China has a growing demand for management specialists. The economy of China is green in management issues hence in need of personnel with vast knowledge in this area. Consequently, foreign managers with management experience have a bright future working in China.

Having management skills in fields like finance, real estate, technology and other areas could land you a job in China. Expats get generous packages in exchange for their managerial skills. Also, as a manager, your children will be covered with fee for international schools and good housing allowances.


As you can see, there is a myriad of jobs in China for foreigners regardless of one\'s background and skills. For this reason, it\'s critical for you to keep an open mind. This way, you have a greater chance of finding work that allows you to contribute, express yourself, while giving you financial rewards and fulfillment for years to come.

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